Studies of Technology Tool Usage Are Not Enough: A Response to the Articles in This Special Issue

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The research in this special issue of the Journal of Research in Leadership Education (JRLE) is critically important for moving forward the practice of school leader preparation. The articles are well done and each includes at least one multimedia example of technology-suffused educational leadership pedagogy in practice. Every one of these authors is to be commended for tackling a much-needed and underrepresented area of educational leadership scholarship. They should also be commended for venturing into new realms of teaching and learning with digital tools. The rapid technological transitions occurring within our society often create upheaval and fear. The authors and organizers of this special issue not only tried new approaches, but also had the courage to openly share their ideas, visions, failures, and successes with their colleagues in this outlet. It is these change agents that are boldly leading the leaders. In this response, we summarize their work and categorize it within three technology leadership change domains. But in doing so, we also challenge everyone in the field to take further steps forward. While this special issue represents true progress for educational leadership preparation, it is but a baby step compared to the grand information revolution unfolding before us. We need to gather the strength to find and take the bigger steps still ahead of us. Hopefully, in the following sections, we provide a possible path.