Appraisal and assessment in cross-cultural counseling

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P.B. Pedersen, W. J. Lonner, J. Trimble, and J. Draguns (Eds.), Counseling across cultures (fourth edition)

About the book:

This is a completely updated edition of Counseling across Cultures, which broke new ground when published almost 20 years ago. This volume takes stock of the many developments and changes that have occurred since then, and is a combined effort of leading authors to examine the priority issues of counselling from a variety of perspectives. The issues discussed are of particular relevance, but are not limited, to multicultural counselling.

The volume focuses on specific ethnic groups in North America as well as international students and refugees. A chapter devoted to gender issues in multicultural counselling is new to this edition. Other topics discussed include ethics, cultural empathy, appraisal and assessment.