Transcultural counseling: Existential world view theory and cultural identity: Transcultural applications

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This is a contribution to the book J. McFadden (ed.), Transcultural counseling (second ed)

About the book:

New trends in transcultural theory, expanded cultural paradigms, innovative counseling techniques for working with diverse ethnic groups, and a comprehensive discussion of professional issues are presented in this second edition of a popular text. This edition is designed to support curriculum changes in counselor education programs to maximize the benefits of transculturalism inside and outside the classroom. Fourteen chapters are organized into three parts: (1) "Theories, Approaches, and Models for Transcultural Counseling"; (2) "Cultural Paradigms"; (3) "Professional Issues." New chapters include "Transcultural Counseling with European Americans" and "Transcending the Culture of Prejudice to a Culture of Pride." Major contributions of this work include: (1) a taxonomy of terms that relate to counseling and particularly to cross-cultural counseling; (2) attention to international, or transnational, counseling; (3) presentation of the "Stylistic Model for Transcultural Counseling"; and (4) an attempt to tie traditional approaches to counseling to transcultural concepts in an eclectic process that encourages sensitivity to the cultural paradigms of clients while providing a basis in established theory. (Author/EMK)