Interracial Relationships in Hawaii

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Given the increase in rates of intermarriages, it is vital that we understand the issues and benefits of interracial relationships and the ways in which therapists might assist interracial couples. Our focus in this article is on interracial relationships in Hawaii. Because of its history of promoting interracial ties and its plural character, Hawaii is, in many ways, a unique setting for interracial relationships. At the same time, there are relational issues, benefits, and needs faced by both mainstream U.S. interracial couples and interracial couples in Hawaii. There are a variety of therapeutic interventions that could be used to help interracial couples. This chapter examines the factors in Hawaii's past and present that contribute to its particular history of interracial relationships, the common challenges that face interracial couples, personal and relational benefits of interracial relationships, and the therapeutic interventions from which interracial couples may benefit.