Adapting the Behavior Education Program for Preschool Settings

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Behavior Education Program (BEP) is the most researched targeted intervention that is used in schoolwide positive behavior intervention and supports (PBIS). It is a daily check-in and check-out system in which students receive extra attention for positive social behavior throughout their school day. This extra attention is intended to prevent challenging or disruptive behavior for children who require additional support to be successful in school but who do not require intensive individualized interventions. This case study provides an illustration of how a modified version of the BEP, the Thumbs Up program, can be used as a targeted intervention in a preschool setting. Following this illustration, the author describes additional potential modifications to the BEP that may be appropriate for early childhood contexts. Lastly, the author discusses potential future directions for research and practice in adapting the BEP for young children. (Contains 2 figures.)