Check Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self and Our Kids: Culturally Responsive White Teachers?

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Numerous studies show the effectiveness of culturally responsive teaching with urban students of color. Yet few articulate the dynamics of how whiteness impacts the delivery of culturally responsive teaching. Using critical whiteness studies, critical race theory, and Black feminist concepts, this article interrogates the effectiveness of White teachers who engage in culturally responsive teaching without first interrogating their whiteness. Counterstories are used as well as responses from White teacher candidates who matriculated in an urban-focused teacher education program that explicitly focuses on culturally responsive teaching to provide answers to three poignant questions - What happens when cultural responsiveness is co-opted by the White liberal agendas in teacher education? How genuine can the essence of cultural responsivity be if it narrowly focuses on the "Other" without exploring the "White" self? And, what potential implications does this have on our urban students of color?