Learning by Design: Teachers and Students as Co-Creators of Knowledge [Book Chapter]

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About this book:

Numerous educational technology programs and strategies have been developed on all continents to ensure that technology is used effectively for the benefit of student learning and achievement. The impact of technology on learning and instruction is still not clear. This book addresses several concerns of educators who rub elbows with a new technology. The book offers global research-based data on educational technology. The book consists of nine independent blind peer-reviewed scientific articles written by thirteen authors, four from Europe and nine from the USA.

The authors present diverse views on social technologies and integration of ICT (information and communication technology) in education, online teaching, and instructional design models. Creative computing, staff and student training, and effective use of technology are also examined. Several theoretical frameworks are used including the activity theory, social constructivist theory, reflective practice, and the teacher's embodied theory. The articles represent a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, including case studies and surveys. Practical web-based links including videos and examples of good practice are offered for primary, secondary and tertiary education.


This is a chapter in the book Educational Technology: Opportunities and Challenges.