Technology Making a Difference: The Peakview Elementary School Study

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Peakview is a new school that is implementing a number of organizational and teaching strategies advocated by the school restructuring reform movement. Among those strategies is the infusion of more than 80 networked microcomputers and related technology and software. This evaluation study examined the impact of the technology on the school community. Surveys, interviews with school personnel and students, and classroom observations were performed. Evidence was found that technology plays an essential role in facilitating the school's goals. Teachers are using the technology to adapt to needs and interests of students, and to increase the amount and quality of cooperative learning activities. Students use the technology for research and writing activities, and for instructional support in a variety of areas. Technology has changed the way teachers work instructionally and professionally, resulting in a net increase of hours and greater productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction. The many factors contributing to this success form the basis of a set of recommendations provided for implementing technology in other schools. An overview of the study, a literature review, and the methodology used are discussed in chapters 1-3. Chapters 4-9 address the following issues; use of technology; impact on teaching; implementation factors; teacher attitudes; student achievement; and student attitudes. Conclusions and recommendations are offered in chapter 10.


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