The Development of a Collaborative Distance Learning Program to Facilitate Pediatric Problem-based Learning [Book Chapter]

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A team of pediatric educators at the University of Colorado School of Medicine teamed with faculty and graduate students from the University of Colorado-Denver to develop a prototype program to support medical students’ learning of national pediatric curricular objectives, regardless of their clinical location and variable patient exposure. Description. This hybrid Web/CD-ROM program allows “virtual” problem-based learning teams composed of four to five students and a faculty member to collaborate asynchronously through a digital video patient case. One prototype case has been developed and funding has been secured to develop a bank of cases to support the national pediatric curriculum. Discussion. Cases delivered by digital video provide a rich medium for visual and auditory cues to patient evaluation, which in turn encourage the development of visual recognition skills needed in clinical practice. Such cases also model appropriate professional behavior and allow students to solve clinical problems in authentic clinical situations.