Rich Contexts to Emphasize Social Justice in Teacher Education: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Professional Development Schools Special Issue: Partnering for Equity

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Teacher preparation typically follows one of three paths, including a professional development school (PDS) model developed by university and P–12 school faculty. Regardless of the program model, it is a research interest to determine the extent to which courses and field experience can prompt preservice teachers to advocate for the elimination of societal inequities and deliver effective inclusive instruction that informs and empowers all students. This article reports on a study of the elements of curriculum and pedagogy identified by preservice teachers as affecting their knowledge and ability to provide effective instruction in multicultural, multilingual, and inclusive classrooms. Preservice teachers found value in (a) guided exposure to “real-world” cross-cultural interactions in PDSs, (b) observations of theory-practice applications in course work and PDSs, and (c) observations of and interactions with the clinical teacher.