An Initial Exploration of Colorado-Trained Teachers: Providing Context for Outcomes-Based Teacher Preparation Program Evaluation

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As the body of research on the importance of teacher quality grows, increased scrutiny is generally being placed on the educator pipeline and, more specifically, on teacher preparation programs. Recent legislation in Colorado (SB 10-036 and SB 11-245) requires the Colorado Department of Higher Education (DHE) to track the outcomes of graduates of teacher preparation programs. As a result, there is a push to link in-service teachers to their preparation programs and examine program outcomes that include, but are not limited to, the demographic characteristics of the teaching force produced, where and with which students these teachers work, and, ultimately, the impact they have on the achievement of their students.


This project was funded by a grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The authors listed on the cover page all contributed equally to the production of this report. Special thanks to Kimberly A. Kaufeld and Prerna Varna for their contributions to this project.