Conducting mixed analyses: A general typology

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In this article, we provide a typology of mixed analysis techniques, namely the Mixed Analysis Matrix, that helps researchers select a data analysis technique given the number of (a) data types collected (i.e. quantitative or qualitative; or quantitative and qualitative) and (b) analysis types used (i.e. quantitative or qualitative; or quantitative and qualitative)—yielding a 2 X 2 representation involving four cells that each contain specific analytical techniques, with two of these cells containing a total of 15 mixed analysis techniques. Furthermore, we describe the fundamental principle of mixed analysis, describe the steps in a mixed analysis, and delineate the rationale and purpose for conducting mixed analyses. For each technique, readers are directed to published studies that serve as illustrative examples. Outlining the mixed-analysis techniques available for researchers hopefully will increase awareness of the number of choices for analyzing data from mixed studies.