Challenges to Teaching Mixed Research Courses

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Across the United States, many faculty members are developing new mixed re-search courses. However, before embarking on teaching these courses, it would be helpful for instructors to be aware of the challenges faced by instructors and stu-dents in mixed research courses. Thus, the purpose of this qualitative-dominant mixed research study was to document these challenges. Participants were 11 in-structors of mixed research courses from institutions around the United States who were selected purposively via critical case sampling such that they represent-ed a diverse set of instructors. The following four themes emerged that represent-ed dimensions of challenges: Time, Diversity, Format/Life Situations, and Pre-conceived Bias. Three of these themes yielded 10 subthemes. Moreover, a corre-spondence analysis of the four themes revealed that they each fell somewhere on a continuum that lay from internal influences that characterized an interaction be-tween instructors and students (i.e., Diversity, Format/Life Situations) to external influences that characterized an interaction between instructors and curricula per-taining to the rapidly evolving field of mixed research—yielding the meta-themes of Internal Influence and External Influence. Implications for instructors and stu-dents undertaking mixed research courses are discussed.