Maintaining social initiations of withdrawn handicapped and nonhandicapped preschoolers through a response-dependent fading tactic

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The effects of a teacher-implemented intervention and fading package on the social initiations of three withdrawn preschool children were investigated. Subjects' social initiations and any peer responses were recorded sequentially during free play. Intervention involved teacher prompting and contingent praise of specific social initiations (sharing, assisting, verbally organizing play) by each subject toward an available peer. Results indicated that (a) teacher prompts and praise increased the frequency of subjects' target initiation, (b) target initiations typically received a positive peer response, (c) subjects' extended interactions with peers also increased, (d) abrupt, complete removal of teacher prompting resulted in similarly abrupt reductions in subjects' social initiations, whereas response-dependent fading maintained subjects' initiations and interactions above baseline levels. Follow-up data 2 1/2 months later showed that the social initiations and interactions of two of the children remained above baseline levels.

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