Modification of sociometric status and social interaction with mainstreamed mild developmentally disabled children

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An intervention package based upon personal attraction theory was used to modify the sociometric standing and social interactions of three mildly developmentally disabled boys enrolled in a regular fourth-grade class. The study employed a withdrawal of treatment (ABAB) design with replication across subjects. Also, sociometric ratings and social interactions were assessed at two- and four-week follow-up points. Intervention consisted of three, interrelated components: (a) assignment of each target child as a team captain for a daily competition game; (b) manipulation of target children's scores such that the teams always won a prize; and (c) target children's distribution of prizes to teammates. Results indicate that: (a) the intervention procedure produced an immediate and durable increase in the sociometric standing of the boys; (b) an immediate and durable decrease in negative social interactions between the target children and regular class peers obtained; and (c) the positive interaction between the three boys and class peers was substantially increased when the intervention was in effect.

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