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A professional development (PD) program, Conceptual Chemistry for Middle School Teachers, was designed to facilitate teachers’ learning and teaching of basic chemistry concepts. This study explored (a) whether the PD increased teachers’ self-efficacy and teaching outcome expectancy and (b) how the PD program influenced teachers’ chemistry content knowledge and attitudes toward learning chemistry concepts. Thirty-six teachers (N = 36; 26 women, 10 men) who taught grades 5-9 were selected from a population of science teachers in north eastern Ohio. A mixed method approach was used in the study and qualitative and quantitative data were collected and analyzed simultaneously. The quantitative findings revealed no significant difference in teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs using the STEBI-A questionnaire. The qualitative findings indicated that participants became more knowledgeable about chemistry concepts and science process skills and became more confident about their ability to teach those chemistry concepts to students in their classes.